Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

By using any function of the platform, automatically means that you agree to the Terms & Conditions of ViAgro.

To become a member you must register by entering your name and email account.

You can also become a member of our Facebook ViAgro Group.

Yes, the services we provide at ViAgro may not be available to individuals who have failed to comply with the terms of use. In this case, your ViAgro account can be blocked and/or be deleted completely.

No, once the account is blocked and/or deleted, it is not possible to reuse member services unless you are authorised by ViAgro. It is possible to use the general services as a guest visitor.

You are responsible for the correctness of the personal data that while registering on ViAgro. You are responsible for the information posted on ViAgro anywhere on the platform. The information you enter in ViAgro should:

  • Be true and honest
  • Do not mislead other members
  • Do not be contrary to Greek and European legislation
  • Do not contain viruses or other software that could cause harm.

ViAgro is able to process and control the information provided by you anywhere on the platform in accordance with ViAgro’s Privacy Policy. If necessary, ViAgro can delete the information to avoid violations of the terms and/or legislation. Furthermore, ViAgro will verify the identity and commercial entity of its merchants after submitting the relevant documents online.

ViAgro can partially or entirely use the information/data entered to optimise the services offered in accordance with ViAgro’s Privacy Policy.

No, copying completely or partially the operations of ViAgro is not permitted without its permission.

No, modification, republishing, copying and/or paraphrasing the content is not permitted without the permission of ViAgro.

ViAgro manages and protects your personal data based on the Greek & European legislation, the Terms & Conditions and especially the Privacy Policy of ViAgro.

The process of deleting data or entirely your account, can be done by sending us a relevant request to using the email used to create your ViAgro account. The request should include the following information: your full name as well as your mobile phone number in order to authenticate the request. 

The process of deleting your personal data, as well as any other request related to your personal data, requires 30 calendar days from the date of submission of the request.

Vendors - Sellers

Vendor Registration

From the menu Become a Partner →  Become a Vendor 

Fill in the relevant fields in the registration form.

After completing your application click the Register button.

Upon registration, you will receive a verification email. 

The identification will be based on the VAT number and your registration in GEMI (Applies to Greek vendors only). In the case you do not operate under the EU VAT system, further identification documents may be required to validate your business operations. Your registration will be activated after the check.

Once you have registered, you can choose the settings of your own e-Shop and start publishing your products/services.

By creating your new profile on ViAgro from the Vendor Registration, you can have up to one (1) of your products/services for FREE!!

We provide this opportunity to all of you who choose to work with us, so you can get acquainted with your e-shop capabilities and business profile.

In case you want to promote more than one (1) of your products/services, we provide you with the following subscriptions:

Subscription Packages

Number of Products



Free Subscription

1 product



Basic Subscription

10 products

93 € 

75 €  + VAT (24%)

1 year

Regular Subscription

100 products

186 €

 150 €  + VAT (24%)

1 year       

Premium Subscription


310 €

250 €  + VAT. (24%)

1 year

7 days before the end of the subscription you will be informed about the end of your subscription, so that you can renew it on time with the respective payment methods. You will find more information about the renewal of your subscription on the “Subscriptions” page in your store.

There are three (3) alternative payment methods:

  • The first payment method is through “Bank Deposit” .

Please, for every payment made by bank deposit, state the name and telephone number of your business in the transaction comments.

  • The second payment method is through “Credit / Debit Card”.
  • The third payment method is via “PayPal”.

The system recognizes which partner you are and after the payment completion your page is automatically renewed and you can upload your products.

After the payment is completed, the invoice is issued and sent to you electronically.

In case you forget your password, and you have entered your email in the “Account Details”, you can click “Forgot your password” to renew your password.

In case you have forgotten your username, you can contact us, through messenger, which you will find on our home page for  immediate service, or fill in the form in the Contact Us page.

You can change your password from Store Management Dashboard → Account Details → Change Password → Save 

Before connecting to your account, we’d like to draw your attention to check in your browser address bar that or is indicated.

  1. Login with your account (if you are not already logged in)
  2. Go to Store Management Dashboard → Settings → Location
  3. Scrolling down this page is the Google Map. You can enter your address on the relevant field, which is right on top, or move the green dot to the location of your store on the map. By pressing – or + you can zoom in or zoom out to spot exactly your location.

Please state the exact location of your store as customers will use the location point stated.

The use of large and good resolution images plays an important role in sales. It would be good the products that appear in each image depict the whole product, e.g. the whole tractor from all angles, so the consumer has a full overview of the product.

If the image contains business material, for example your logo or your store name, it should be clear so as to inspire confidence in the consumer.

In addition, the use of detailed and honest descriptions helps each store to gain confidence and trust in the eyes of the buyer.

If you are a new partner, ViAgro will initially check the products/services you upload until we make sure that you have gained experience and you have become familiar with the process of uploading the products/services yourself. When we feel confident of your skills, this process will be done without our control.

In case your subscription expires, your products/services will not be displayed to the marketplace. Once you have renewed your subscription, you will need to restore your products to online status through the Store Management Dashboard/Products.

If the products/services you upload are fake or misleading, they are likely to be hidden directly from the ViAgro admins.

Products published on ViAgro must comply with the current EU legislation and health regulations. The responsibility of product quality and product shipping belongs exclusively to the vendors.

Yes, there is a possibility that we will discard products that are lacking information or their information is not clear that they came from legitimate producers or traders, who can issue all the legal documents. In addition, we discard products that may not be legal to be sold under the current legislation, e.g. olive oil in packages larger than 5 liters. The sale of olive oil for example in packages of 17 liters (cans) is prohibited. Such products will not be published.

Going to the Store Management Dashboard → Products, you can select the product you want to edit as well as add or remove products. At the end you click “Submit”.

By creating a new product through the “Products” page, you can also upload the images you want for each product, along with the other characteristics of the product, e.g. name, price, etc. In case you want to change the order of the images you can drag and drop the image by holding it down.

  1. You choose the product you want.
  2. From the product page you can select the social networking medium to which you wish to share it.
  3. After clicking on the media, it directs you to the website of the respective media.


To review a store that exists in ViAgro you must be a member of ViAgro.

In order to verify the registered users-merchants of ViAgro, we proceed to identify the user’s email, his identity details, VAT number, as well as other business data provided from legislative authorities such as Chambers of Commerce etc. Optionally, ViAgro will send you a 4-digit number on your mobile phone to certify your phone. You will then need to enter this 4-digit number on the ViAgro page. This process is done only during your first evaluation and is repeated if there is a phone number change.

In order to publish a review on ViAgro, it should represent your personal opinion and a comprehensive description of your ordering/purchasing experience.

In order for your review to be as complete and attuned as possible with the terms of ViAgro, you should:

  • be as detailed and descriptive as possible (positive or negative), so that it is useful to other users who take into consideration the ratings before proceeding to purchase a product from a store
  • not contain profanity and indecent characterisations
  • be based on written facts as facts provided orally can not be proved
  • do not include names of store employees
  • the review should be done within 3 months from the date of the order/purchase from the store.

During the review process and in case of any problem ViAgro will contact you.

ViAgro administrators have the right, in their sole discretion, to delete all or part of the reviews and/or responses whenever they deem it necessary. In such case the author is being informed.

In this case, if the requested data is not sent within the time frame set by ViAgro, from the date requested, your rating will be deleted from the system.

When the ratings are positive, they are published immediately after the check performed by the ViAgro administrators, if they meet the terms.

When ratings are negative, they are published immediately after the check performed by ViAgro administrators, if they meet the terms. The manager(s) of the respective store have the right to respond to your rating within 10 days. In this way both perspectives will be shared, which makes it easier for other users to have a complete picture of both sides. Regardless of whether the store chooses to respond or not, your rating will be published. If the store chooses to reply to you, you have the right to respond back and evaluate their response.

Only the author of the review can request the deletion of his review by sending a relevant message to the administrators of ViAgro to from the email account used when registering to ViAgro.

Own review can be created only once but it is not possible for a store to be evaluated by its owner, an employee or an external partner working for the store on a regular basis. In such a case and if it comes to the attention of ViAgro administrators, the author’s account will be blocked and it is very likely that the store itself will be deleted from ViAgro.

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