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Find and buy quality products directly from producers and suppliers, compare product prices, ask for a better price depending on the quantity and review the products and companies after your purchase! Seek services and advice from professionals and experts in the field such as producers, agronomists, manufacturers, consultants, etc.

You can:

  • If you are a consumer, find the best agricultural and traditional products near you and/or all over Greece!
  • If you are a business, buy the freshest products directly from the producers. After your registration in ViAgro you have the opportunity to become a wholesale customer if you have a business activity.
  • Search and compare products, prices and offers. Search the Viagro map to find products in your area, view the catalog or search by product category e.g. Organic, Honey, Olive Oil, etc.

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Register as a retail or wholesale customer at no charge. You only pay for the products you buy and their shipping (some products have free shipping).

Review and Rate the Supplier after each purchase, so that there is trust and reliability.

Ask for a better price for a product for larger quantities than retail.

Payment is made by credit card, or deposit in the ViAgro account. As a buyer you have absolutely no charge on our platform.

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