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If you are a Vendor/Shop Owner of Machinery, Agricultural Supplies, Tools, Products and Services that contribute to the supply chain of Farmers/Producers, become a member of Viagro, build your online store, offer your best and most competitive prices and gain access to thousands of producers and buyers!

The Vendor category concerns all those who are engaged in trade in the agricultural sector, the Agronomists, the Manufacturers, the Workshops, the Vendors of Machinery & Tools, the Vendors of Packaging, Fuel, Lubricants and Energy and all the Businesses that supply the sector!

You can:

  • Sell ​​Your Products Retail and Wholesale at the prices you wish and find New Buyers!
  • Create your own e-Shop Easily and Increase your Sales! Sell ​​directly online to producers and other businesses! Nationwide, in your city or in your area!
  • Offer and Advertise your Services through!
  • Promote Your Business to New Customers and Markets worldwide!
  • Contact us to discover all the possibilities!

See how...

Create your e-Shop easily and quickly. On the online store you must indicate in which areas you can deliver e.g. All over Greece, Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos etc.

Upload photos of your products along with description. Describe your products accurately (type, variety, packaging, certifications, available quantity and price). If you belong to the services sector, describe your services and specialization.

Shipping Products
If you declare an area it should be legal to ship your goods or deliver them yourself to that area. Also add shipping costs by region.

In the wholesale sale if a Customer requests a wholesale price for your products, a message will be sent to you. You can also see the request in the Store → Notifications section. In case you enter wholesale prices for your products, these will be visible only to Wholesale Customers.

Become a member of our community at Facebook ViAgro Group and connect with our network of customers and partners throughout Greece through and our Corporate Page on Facebook.


Online payment can be made by credit card or by bank transfer to your ViAgro account. For payment by credit card or bank deposit, your payment is done easily and fast.

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We want and aspire to change the market for the better for everyone! Traders and companies have the opportunity to sell their products wholesale and retail, at more competitive prices in the domestic and global market as well as to new buyers directly, quickly and with efficient and guaranteed methods of sale and trade! We also introduce direct sales to thousands of consumers, through the e-Shop that you can build through our page!
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