Collection, Storage and Protection of Personal Data

The personal data that we collect, process and store relate to the following:

  • Once you have created a ViAgro account, the data we use for your identification is your name, username, password and date of registration to the system. In case you connect with an account of a third party provider (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), additional data is your registration number (username), your profile photo, date of birth, gender and email. Regarding the contact details, your email address (email), your postal address as well as your telephone number are necessary.
  • When you use the ViAgro Basket, the information we collect is: the date of the placed order, the delivery status, the order amount and shipping costs as well as the information related to possible cancellation, change or return of the order. We also collect information about your banking transaction such as the name of the bank card holder, its expiration date and its forged number (in the form 123456ΧΧΧΧΧ7899). ViAgro applies and follows high PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards for the security and encryption of your transactions. Your transactions on ViAgro are done easily and safely.
  • At ViAgro we listen to your voice, and for this reason we collect and process information every time you: comment, evaluate products or companies (this includes photos and order numbers that you will send us), respond to satisfaction surveys, and when you submit your suggestions or comments to help us improve our services.
  • When you ask us a question, using the special contact form of ViAgro, we collect data related to the free text and the possible report of the represented company.
  • In addition, we collect information through some tools such as cookies as well as the usage of local storage, such as searches on ViAgro, using filters or other sorting/comparison options. In addition, we collect information about the products you submit, information related to the purchases you make with the ViAgro Basket, as well as your interaction with the functions of our website (such as when you select a product and save it as a “Favorite”) and your visit to each vendor’s eshop. More data that we are interested in are the technical error and security issues and transactions of your navigation, your IP address, the type and manufacturer of the device you use, the browser and the version of your operating system, if you have visited our page through another website as well as other statistical information of this type concerning our users.

Why we collect them?

  • Contract

At ViAgro we process your data so that we can offer you the services you choose to use. For example the member registration and the management of your account, as well as the options “Favorites”, “Save”, the evaluations, the submission of requests, the phone and/or electronic service of your order, the invoicing of our partners, as well as to provide you with phone and online support whenever you need it.

  • Legal Interest

ViAgro maintains a legal interest in conducting audits to: prevent fraud or malicious use of ViAgro’s services and ensure the smooth operation and security of its systems. In addition, send satisfaction surveys and other promotional material to communicate with its users, identify its registered users (i.e. to submit comments and/or reviews that correspond to reality) and send suggestions to specific users in order to submit reviews for products or businesses.

  • Legal Obligation

ViAgro is committed by law to cooperate with the responsible authorities for dealing with such incidents. These incidents are mainly related to purchases made through our marketplace, and which are considered suspicious of fraud, e.g. bank card theft, etc. We also commit by law to manage and respond to your requests which have to do with the protection of your personal data.

  • Consent

After giving your consent for the use of technologies, e.g. cookies and local storage on your device, information about you is automatically collected. This is so that we can offer our users a personalized experience, which will help to facilitate what you are looking to find, to analyze the traffic of ViAgro, as well as to contribute to the commercial use by our partners.

Further information on how and what is the use of cookies on our website, can be found in the Cookie Policy of ViAgro. You have the option to modify your cookie preferences at any time and withdraw your consent, something you will find at the bottom of the ViAgro Cookies Policy. Also, during the simple product search, you have the ability to allow your browser to let us know, in an automated way, your exact location (location). This will help us provide you with better search results. You can only withdraw your consent from your browser’s location privacy settings.

Who do we share them with?

Authorized team of ViAgro, collects and processes your personal data with absolute respect for your privacy. We may share this data with partners of the following categories:

  • Service providers such as Hotjar and Facebook that help analyze the behavior of the website user. Your personal data may be transferred outside the European Union and more specifically in the US by these companies
  • Payment service providers 
  • Data network service providers with whom we ensure the interconnection of our infrastructure on the internet
  • Collaborating companies in order to complete the processing of your order with the ViAgro Basket and to resolve any dispute or question
  • Other categories of partners to whom, as the case may be, the transmission of data may be required in the context of the operation of ViAgro Services
  • Any administrative, judicial or public authority as well as any legal or natural person to whom ViAgro has the right or obligation to disclose such data.

Additionally, during the operation of ViAgro Analytics we share with each partner who uses these features, as co-processors, statistics or aggregate data to know which products, companies and categories are most popular and/or data of your purchases. For issues related to the use of these technologies, please contact us, as we are the competent communication channel. Let us remind you that the comments and ratings you make on ViAgro are visible on our website.

How long do we keep them?

The retention of registered users’ personal data is maintained by ViAgro for as long as users maintain their account. The protection of the personal data of unregistered users, resulting from the interaction with the services of ViAgro, is maintained for the period of maximum two (2) years from the last visit of the users to the website of ViAgro.

Excludes data that is useful for proving ViAgro transactions, resulting from the use of its services. For example, the data collected under the Partner Billing Model. This data will be retained for a period of up to five (5) years from each transaction.

After the data retention period has elapsed, the user can request the deletion of their account data, the data will be deleted as soon as possible or will be made anonymous. The deletion of the data presupposes that there is no court case or other dispute or legal interest arising from the use of ViAgro services.

Your Rights

You have the right to manage your data by checking, modifying and/or even deleting it. This can be done at any time you want, but it requires you to be a registered user. E.g. you can request the deletion of your account, use the settings in your account to exclude your data from certain forms of editing, remove yourself from receiving informative emails, deactivate certain types of notifications, etc.

In general, you have the right to exercise the following, always after the identification of your data and in accordance with the legislation for the protection of personal data:

  • The right of access: according to this, you have the right to be informed whether the personal data is subject to processing by ViAgro, and to receive more information regarding the processing carried out.
  • The right to request correction: you have the right to request the correction or completion of any inaccurate personal data.

For the validity of the above, the following conditions of the legislation must be met:

  • The right of deletion
  • The right of portability, the right to receive and transfer your personal data, which you have given to ViAgro, to another data steward, using the appropriate format,
  • The right to restrict processing,
  • The right to revoke at any time your consent to ViAgro, without this appeal affecting the legality of processing personal data before this appeal was introduced.

More specifically, regarding the use of technologies such as cookies, you have the option at any time to modify your cookie preferences and revoke your consent, changing your options through the ViAgro Cookies Policy.

As for tracing your exact location through the web browser, you have the right to remove it and withdraw your consent, directly through your browser’s site privacy settings.

In addition, when it comes to authorizing access to your device’s exact location, you have the right to disable it and withdraw your consent, directly through your device’s location privacy settings.

In the case you want to exercise the right to correct, delete and limit your personal data, your request will be forwarded to third parties to which the data may have been disclosed by us, in the context of the provision of ViAgro services. You can exercise the above rights by submitting the relevant request document to ViAgro, to which we will respond within one (1) month of receipt. There is a possibility of extension of two (2) months, in case the request is complicated and/or there is a large volume of requests for us to manage.

  • Contact Info

In case of any question, clarification or request regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact the person in charge of personal data protection of ViAgro via the email address:

  • Cookies Policy

ViAgro uses cookie technology. By using cookies, ViAgro offers to its users user-friendly services, something that would not be possible without cookies.

Through the use of cookies, the information and offers provided by ViAgro have the ability to be optimized, keeping in mind the user and his convenience when browsing the website. The user who accepts the cookies will not need to enter their details every time they log in to ViAgro, as they will be retrieved each time by ViAgro. With this process the cookies are stored in the user’s device, while the online store keeps the data that the consumer has included in his shopping cart with the help of cookies.

The user can at any time block the use of ViAgro cookies through the browser they use, as well as reject them. In addition, the user can delete existing cookies, i.e. those that have already been accepted. This option is provided by most web browsers. If the user chooses to disable cookies on their computer, they may not make full use of the ViAgro features.

  • Right of Termination

In case you consider that the protection of your personal data is affected in any way and we did not satisfy your request, you can contact the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Useful contact information:


Postal Address: 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23 Athens

Call Center: +30 210 6475600

Fax: +30 210 6475628


  • Right of Objection

According to the European legislator, the user has the right to resist the processing of his personal data, at any time and depending on the reasons related to their condition. This is based on Article 6 paragraph 1 elements (e) or (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation. The same applies to profiling based on the above provisions.

ViAgro cannot process a user’s personal data when he/she exercises the right of objection. The opposite is the case if it can prove compelling and legitimate reasons for processing, which prevail over the interests, freedom and rights of the user. Also for the establishment, exercise and/or support of legal claims.

If ViAgro uses the personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, the user has the right to object at any time to the use and processing of their personal data, if they are related to the specific marketing campaign. The same happens in case of drawing up the profile in the area that concerns the specific commercial promotion. If the user objects to the use and process of his data by ViAgro for direct marketing, then the company has no right to use and/or process his personal data for the specific purposes.

Also, the user, for reasons related to his own situation, has the right to oppose the use and processing of his personal data by ViAgro, as far as those are concerned and related to scientific or statistical purposes or historical research according to Article 89 paragraph 1 of the General Data Protection Regulation. An exception is the processing of data necessary for the performance of a task in the service of public interest purposes.

In order for the user to exercise the right of objection, he can at any time contact the employees of ViAgro. The user is also free to exercise his right to object using automated means, which use specific technical specifications both for the use of information society services and the directive of 2002/58 / EC.

  • Personal data protection related to the application and use of Google Analytics

The ViAgro website incorporates Google’s Analytics tool. A tool that is mostly used for web analytics in order to optimize the website as well as for the cost-benefit analysis of the ads that the company implements online.

The company that manages the Google Analytics component is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland.

This tool is used to analyze the traffic to our website. The data and any information collected by Google, is used to evaluate the use of our website and to create online reports that show the activity of our website, as well as to provide us with other services always related to the use of our page.

Google Analytics, in order to be able to analyze the use of our website, places cookies in the information system of the user’s personal data. Each time these users visit the ViAgro pages managed by the admin and in which the tool is integrated, the browser automatically transmits data through the Google Adsense tool to the user’s personal data for the purpose of online advertising as well as the commission calculation for Google. In the process, Google collects personal data such as the IP address of our website visitor, helping Google to identify the origin of visitors, clicks and thus calculate the commission.

Cookies are used to store personal information, such as access time, location of the website visitor as well as the frequency of visits. This data is stored by Google in the United States. Through this technical process, Google may transfer this personal data to third parties.

Any user can, as already mentioned, prevent the installation of cookies through our website, at any time, by adapting their browser and thus permanently deny cookies and therefore Google Analytics cookies. Also, another way to delete Google Analytics cookies is through a browser or other software.

In addition, the user has the right to object and prohibit the collection and processing of personal data generated by Google Analytics and related to the use of our website. To achieve this, the user must install an additional browser add-on via the link If the user deletes, modifies, or reinstalls the information system, they will need to reinstall the browser add-on in order to disable Google Analytics again. In the event that the user uninstalls or disables the browser add-on, there is a possibility to reinstall or reactivate it.

For more information on Google’s data protection devices, visit the link and terms / us.html . An additional explanation of Google Analytics can be seen by visiting the link .

  • Data protection provisions regarding the application and use of Social Media

The admin has incorporated Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn data into this website.

These social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) receive information about the user’s visit to our website provided that the user is connected to all or some of the social media, which are integrated in our website, the moment they enter ViAgro. This happens regardless of whether it clicks on the icon of the respective social medium or not. If the user does not want the transmission of information on social media, then he can prevent it if he logs out of his respective social media account before entering our website.

The company that manages Facebook is: Facebook, Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States. If a person resides outside the United States or Canada, editors are Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland.

The company that manages the services provided by Instagram are: Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2 Ireland.

The company that manages LinkedIn is: LinkedIn, Sunnyvale, California, US

Additional information for each social about data protection can be found:

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