Product Returns

You have the right to return the products you bought according to the associated seller’s return policy. The process to return the product you bought is quite fast and simple.

The return of the products you bought from a specific seller through ViAgro, is done after filling in the return form. The form can be found in your account, within the specific order from which you bought the product. 

After filling in and submitting the return form, the seller will process your request and will send you an email with all the basic information to complete the process.

Breach of the Terms of the Agreement

In case you have purchased a product as a consumer, you have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal within fourteen (14) days from the delivery date of the product and request a refund.

 The right of withdrawal does not apply in the following cases:

  • Purchase products that can be altered
  • Purchase sealed products which have been unsealed, and/or are unfit for return (for  hygiene reasons or health protection)

Legal Guarantee

The Legal Guarantee concerns the absolute responsibility the seller has in case the product upon delivery to the final consumer is defective or does not correspond to its characteristics, as stated by the seller himself. The duration of the Legal Guarantee is set at two (2) years for both new and used products.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the Legal Guarantee follows the law and applies in any case, whether it is mentioned by the seller or not.

Commercial Warranty    

Some products are followed by a Commercial Warranty which is given by the store as an option, and has to do with the repair, the replacement or the refund of the product. The Commercial Warranty covers you in addition to the rights you have from the Legal Guarantee.

For information related to the Commercial Warranty of a product purchased through ViAgro, you can refer to the product packaging. Furthermore, you can visit the website of the store where it was purchased or contact us at  for further clarification.

Information for Product Return 

For the return to be accepted, the package must:

  • Be properly packaged
  • Be accompanied by the retail receipt or the return slip if the purchase was made with an invoice.

If the product has not been used, you should take care of:

  • The product to be returned as it was sent, without missing any part or document
  • The returned packaging must be the original one and in excellent condition. We do not accept returns of products that have been damaged, returned incomplete or being used
  • The package is well packed
  • The returned package must be accompanied by the retail receipt of the product.

Incomplete or incorrect product delivery

If you have received a different product from the one you ordered, or a part of it is missing, then you have the right to return it by selecting “Wrong or Incomplete Product” in the return form.

Products that have been damaged during transport

In case you have received a product that has been damaged during its transport, you have the right to refuse to receive it from the courier company and contact the seller to guide you regarding the return/replacement process. If you realised that the product is damaged after opening, you can select “Defective product” in the return form, send photos of the damaged product and write in the comments “Damage during the transportation” or something similar, so that the seller refund your money or send you a new product.

Clarifications for specific categories:

Products that have external packaging for health reasons

For this category you have the right to withdraw only if the product was accompanied by external packaging which has not been unsealed. Indicatively, some categories are: Medicines and fertilizers packages, packages of spare parts, etc.

In case you want to return a product that belongs to one of the categories above and its packaging remains sealed, you can contact the seller through the relevant form which you will find in his store to guide you through the following steps.

Products that have a short expiration date

In case you receive a product that has a short expiration date (or has expired), you have the right to return it by selecting “Defective Product” in the return form, and write in the comments “Short expiration date” or something similar, so that you get a refund or get a new product.

Defective Product

If the product you bought has a defect, you can return it according to articles 534  Civil Code.

It is helpful and necessary in order to complete the return process, the photos that you will attach to the return form to be clear and to reflect the defect clearly, in case it is visible. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible, so that the ViAgro team as well as the associated store have a complete picture of the damage you are referring to. In return, after processing your request, we will send you an email about its progress as well as all the basic information needed to complete the process.

How to apply for a Product Return or Refund

 Product Return

  1. Go to your account from My Account →  Orders → Return Request
  2. In the “Return Form” you select the product you want to return from a specific order
  3. You select the reason for the return
  4. You can fill in the comment field with more information about the reason(s) you want to return the product.
  5. You can follow the progress of your return request from My Account → Return Requests. From there you can contact the seller from the relevant dialogue button for the details of the process, such as details of receipt of the product you wish to return, etc.

Refund & Replacement

Returns are delivered to the store from which the purchase was made and undergo a technical inspection. This is to confirm the reason of return and to establish, if there is damage, that it has occurred by the seller’s mistake and not by the consumer.

Once the process is completed, it will proceed according to the preference you have stated through the return form. The vendor after receiving the products and checking that there is no damage or any other problem, and still wishes to request their return, then he can either replace them with another product or request a refund. The request for a refund must be approved by ViAgro.

Once your refund request is approved, you will be refunded the total amount of the purchase on the card which was used for the original purchase. Your money will be refunded immediately, but it is possible that there will be delays of up to 10 working days, until the amount is cleared by the banks. The amount of money does not appear as a deposit in the bank account but as a counter-transaction on the card.

In case you choose product replacement, the new product will be sent at the seller’s shipping costs.

For specific product orders it is possible for the product to be repaired. This is valid if it is supported by Commercial Guarantee. If you select this option in the return form, you will be notified of the process via email.

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