Introduction is an online marketplace for products and services. ViAgro offers its existing services, as well as any new service included in the website in the future, in accordance with the following terms of use, which every visitor must carefully read and visit our website after accepting them.

Users, whether they are registered or not, in order to benefit from the services of ViAgro will be referred to as “users” and will be referred to as “ViAgro” or “Company” or “Website”.

The user of the services of the website, fully accepts all the services/information provided “as is”. ViAgro, for its part, assumes no responsibility for the limited time, accuracy and validity of the information, deletion, poor performance, inability to electronically store users’ personal data and any damage that may be caused by use of the specific website.

In general, the user is obliged to comply with the provisions of Greek Law, which are binding on each individual.

Obligations of the User

The registered user who wants to register his products in ViAgro, must declare his complete, true and valid personal data, as requested on our website. In addition, in case of change of any personal data, the user is responsible for updating the data on the website, so that the data remains true and uptodate.

ViAgro has the right to prevent the user from using its services, if the data s/he has generated is not true and/or sufficient. The user has the right to object, but also the option to request the website to correct and/or delete his personal data. He can also request the deletion of his account from ViAgro by sending an email via the contact form on our website.

Personal & Commercial Account

To get the maximum experience using our website you need to create an account on ViAgro, as a producer, supplier, seller, private vendor or retail/wholesale customer as well as enter the necessary information that will be requested during the process of creating your account.

By registering with ViAgro, you are required to keep your account information, password and account name confidential. By completing your registration, you fully accept responsibility for any actions that will be performed through your account. If your password is lost or leaked, and/or used by a third party without your permission, you must notify us as soon as possible.

ViAgro is not liable to its users or third parties if the data provided is untrue, incomplete or misleading. In addition, it is not allowed to create an account for another person or business with the ultimate purpose of stealing the identity of another person or business.

The user must fully accept that ViAgro has the right, whenever deemed necessary to delete an account, personal or commercial, if it deems that its terms of use are violated.

Commercial Communications

Once the user has completed the process of creating a personal or commercial account or the online ordering of products/services, he accepts the receipt of commercial communications and commercial content related to our business or third parties.

When you visit ViAgro, or contact us, you consent to receive online communications from us through your personal account or email or other means in order for us to respond to and satisfy your request.

Minor Users

By using the website and accepting the specific terms of use, you automatically declare that you are eighteen (18) years of age and older. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) and older of the age of thirteen (13), you are entitled to use the services of ViAgro strictly only under the supervision of a parent or any other person who has your custody and who accepts these terms and bear the full responsibility arising from the use of the website, including any financial obligations arising from it. In no other case do you have access to our website and our services, while our Company on the other hand has no responsibility for this use.

Limited Liability of the Company

ViAgro seeks the smooth and trouble-free operation of its website services. However, it does not bear any responsibility and does not pay compensation when there is a delay in the delivery time of the products and services of the website, which for any reason, including the case of negligence, interrupts the operation of the website or becomes difficult and/or impossible to access, or if the user subscription is not renewed in time, or despite the security measures observed, malware or other harmful hardware is detected and transmitted to users terminals, or if unauthorized third parties interfere with the operation and in the content of the website, making it difficult to use or causing problems in its operation.

ViAgro makes every effort to ensure that the information and content of the website displayed each time is as accurate and true as possible. However, it is not responsible for their completeness as well as for their reliability, nor in the event that a user maliciously registers a listing not with his own data but with another using e.g. photos, names that do not belong to him.

ViAgro also has no responsibility for phishing sites that pretend to be ViAgro in order to illegally obtain personal data such as sensitive private information and passwords.

ViAgro has the right to suspend the operation of its website permanently or temporarily (in case of eg upgrade, restoration and repair or emergency) with or without notifying its users. It does not pay any compensation for any loss, corporate or non-pecuniary damage that may result from the deactivation of the services, omissions or upgrades.


The information and content included in ViAgro, do not come from this website, but are published and uploaded at the responsibility and initiative of each user and can not be taken as valid and confirmed information and/or advice. In addition, the Company does not conceal incentives for the performance of specific transactions (eg purchase of products/services).

ViAgro is solely responsible for collecting, editing and posting the content of the website. It is not responsible for or guarantees the correctness, completeness, availability, quality, suitability, use of the pages and services of this website, and the communication that each user may have with third parties that may be advertised on the webpage.

Each user uses the services of ViAgro at their own risk and initiative to cross-check and confirm the specific information. Additionally, ViAgro is not responsible for any issues arising out of any commercial transaction between the user and the third party advertiser.

ViAgro is not a reseller. When the user has complaints or claims in relation to a product or service listing (e.g. special requests submitted by customers) these will be handled by the seller. ViAgro has no responsibility in relation to these complaints, claims and responsibilities (products/services).

The user who uploads a product agrees to accept the terms that ViAgro has no responsibility for the search engine results. When a product listing is deleted, search engines are notified to remove its content. Possible delays in this process are in no way borne by the Company.

The Company has the right, in case the terms of use of its website are violated, to remove or disable access to a user or user content. ViAgro reserves the right to take these actions without notifying the user or any other third party.

As permitted by law, neither we nor any of the directors, employees, franchisees, affiliates, distributors, agents or those involved in the creation and promotion or any other provision of the website and its content, are not liable for (i) any criminal, special, consequential or indirect loss or damage, any loss of profit, loss of production, loss of contract, loss of revenue, damage or loss of reputation or customer, loss of entitlement to compensation, (ii) any ambiguity regarding the information (description) of the advertiser, advertiser (product availability, including prices, etc.) (iii) products or services offered by the advertiser, or other business associates, (iv) any (direct or indirect, consequential or criminal) losses or damages, or charges incurred, incurred or paid, in accordance with the use, after that or in connection with the use, delay in use or inability to use ViAgro, or (v) for any death, (personal) injury, damage to personal property or other (direct or indirect, special, consequential or criminally heinous) losses, damages, charges incurred, caused or paid, or due to (legal) acts, breaches, errors, negligence, intentional misconduct, non-execution, omissions, false statements, tort or full liability of the advertiser or liability attributed to the advertiser (in whole or in part), advertiser or any of our other business associates (including, the management, the executives, the representatives, the representatives of the cooperating companies), whose products or services (directly or indirectly) are provided, promoted or offered to/or through ViAgro, including any other event beyond our control.

Businesses that cooperate or not with ViAgro are not agents nor are they authorized to operate for the purposes of any ViAgro service or process.

Violations & Reporting of User Content

If ViAgro is notified of content that does not comply with the existing terms and conditions of use, it has the right to take the necessary measures, such as deleting product and service ads, blocking the user without informing the owner of the specific content.

In case you think that there is illegal or misleading content that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions, you can fill in the appropriate form, which you will find in the corresponding link on each product page. At that point the user has the opportunity to report and/or comment on the respective ad, e.g. a user may comment that a listing is fake, or that it is in the wrong category, or the price is wrong, etc. Such comments will be automatically sent to ViAgro, which in turn will take appropriate action.

More specifically, ViAgro informs after it has been cross-checked by its quality system and if there is a written complaint, for one or more, individual or repeated, misleading or not, active listings in the customer’s account, that the user himself has the right to direct delete the specific listings from our website. ViAgro does not need to notify the author of this content in advance of this process.

The user of our website accepts and agrees that ViAgro has the ability to discontinue in part or in whole, without liability to the user when: (a) the user does not comply with the Acceptable Terms of Use, (b) the user does not cooperate (c) if ViAgro observes that its servers are being used by third parties without its consent, (d) ViAgro considers that services to protect its environment should be discontinued, (e) in case the user’s website becomes the cause of problems for other users, (g) if required by law, there is a summons, or a court decision.

Intellectual Property Rights

The trade in animals (by private vendors) is expressly prohibited and a breeder license is required for those who sell animals, as well as if they own a female breeding animal, even for those who raise dogs or cats as amateurs. The above are valid according to law 4039/2014.

The user of the website responsibly declares that the material, photos, texts and videos that he registers in ViAgro are his intellectual property, that he holds all the legal rights, as well as that in no case there are no third party rights. Otherwise it must state that there is consent of the creator of the material, photo, video and text.

ViAgro is the sole owner of all rights, titles and interests, as well as the form, feel, and infrastructure of the website through which the service is available. You may not copy, export, republish, promote, advertise, exploit, or otherwise use the Content, as well as the use of the ViAgro trademarks, logo and slogan. For such an action there must be our express and written permission.

In addition, it is forbidden to mislead users about the true provider of ViAgro content as well as any copying, distribution, reproduction, transfer, processing, announcement, dissemination, transmission of content.

ViAgro in the context of good faith and ethics does its best to ensure that the content and information contained in the website is as accurate and true as possible, but has no responsibility for their reliability or completeness. In addition, it guarantees that the material, photos/images, videos and texts do not contain malicious files, viruses or trojan horses. It also ensures that the material is not illegal, offensive, racist, pornographic, obscene or inappropriate content. ViAgro is not responsible for the content of the above material, as well as for any issue that may arise due to the above material.

The user agrees and acknowledges that ViAgro has the right to use commercially, either through itself or through a third party, all content contained on the website. In addition, the user must cover any damage (including costs that may arise, legal or otherwise) that ViAgro may incur from third party claims, which are in some way related to the posting and viewing of material, photos, videos and text, displayed on our website.

ViAgro reserves the right, at any time, and without notice, to modify the title of the product or service as well as its content if it deems that, for example, it misleads the users or for the purpose of writing and informing. In addition, ViAgro reserves the right not to post images that are not related to the content of the listing or are an advertisement.

Company Rights for Deletion-Content Duration

ViAgro reserves the right, and the user unequivocally accepts, to terminate access to its services, the provision of its content and information, and therefore the use of the website to users who believe that they have violated these terms. This happens if the content is false, misleading, illegal, offensive as well as if the specific content is in any way contrary to these terms.

We inform the user, in order to accept it, that the publication of services and product ads, depending on the category of the ad, has a limited duration and there is a possibility that there may be a delay in the delivery time of the products / services of the website.


For the payment of the subscription, and/or the renewal of the subscription, the purchase of space on our website for advertising, etc. that are made, ViAgro accepts payments by deposit in a bank account, cash on delivery (applies to Greece only), PayPal as well as credit/debit card.

The debit of your credit/debit card will be completed after the verification and identification of the data and its validity. The amount charged should be immediately available and will be deducted from your account once the order is confirmed. To make a purchase through ViAgro, you must follow the instructions that you will find on our website. You will need to fill in your credit card details, which are necessary to process the order. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information, as well as you must be the holder of the card that you will use for the transaction that you wish to make. For security reasons ViAgro does not keep credit card details for future use, and so you will have to enter the card details in each purchase you make. By entering the necessary details of your credit card, you responsibly declare that you have the legal right to use the specific credit card.

ViAgro is not responsible in case of illegal use of credit cards. By submitting your credit card details, your consent for this charge is automatically stated with the amount of money you have purchased through the website. If the transaction made with your credit card is not accepted by the bank, for any reason, such as  “the credit limit has been exceeded”, or “there is a suspicion of fraud”. In this case, your purchase will not take place. Credit card purchases will be completed through the ViAgro website, using the services of the electronic payment processing provider with whom ViAgro has agreed.

ViAgro is not responsible for the non-completion of charges or the amount committed through the credit card in such a case through the fault of the Online Payment Processing provider or the Online Services provider. Representative cases of non-fault of ViAgro are the failure of the hardware or software of the Online Payment Processing provider. If the Online Payments Provider’s server stops working according to specifications either due to hardware failure (i.e. hard disk technical problem, power loss, main memory technical problem) or due to software problems, the transaction will not be completed.

The user responsibly states that his access to the Internet as well as to his electronic account (email) is frequent. In addition, he confirms and immediately accepts that the online copies of his accounts as well as the updates or any other kind of notifications or receipts sent to him by ViAgro in the context of the offered products and services, are informative in the form of a document, with the same probative value and operation.

ViAgro has the right to change the prices of its services without first notifying its users. This may apply retroactively and as a consequence have the reduction of the duration of the services provided by ViAgro and have been pre-agreed, and consequently a possible early termination of these services, resulting in e.g. paid subscriptions to be terminated early. Payment for each service must be made before it expires, otherwise the service is deactivated and stops appearing in search results.

ViAgro reserves the right, without notice to users, to display listings only on their personal website or subpage (e.g. ViAgro/vendors) or only in accessible ViAgro listing search lists or both.

It is possible for ViAgro to offer trial subscriptions for a specific period of time, without asking for payment or at a reduced price. It also has the right to vary the subscription prices, to revoke or modify a subscription or test, at any time, without prior notice and without liability.

Finally, it has the right to characterize the user of its website as “Retail Customer” or “Wholesale Customer” and “Vendor-Supplier”. The services for the “Retail Customer” are free, while the “Wholesale Customer” may be charged for listed entries or special services. The “Vendor-Supplier” will pay subscriptions or commissions to ViAgro in accordance with the trade agreements.

Links to Third Sites

The ViAgro website contains links, email addresses and advertisements, which refer to websites, for which ViAgro has no responsibility in terms of content and services, nor does it guarantee their secure accessibility. Also, it does not bear any responsibility for the external links that refer to our website. If the user encounters a problem while using the specific websites, he must contact the respective beneficiary of the specific website, who is also responsible for repairing the problem.

In no case does ViAgro take for granted that it accepts the content or services of the specific websites to which they are referred through them. ViAgro reserves the right to terminate, delete or temporarily or permanently block any hyperlink to its website at any time without notice. ViAgro does not pay any compensation, for any loss, damage, corporate or moral damage that may result from the deactivation of these services or for possible omissions or upgrades related to their display on ViAgro.

The creation of a hyperlink to the pages of ViAgro is allowed, only if it does not mislead the consumers or is intended to cause damage to the image of the Company and if it is not intended to present the content of our website as part of another foreign to it (e.g. framing type).

Store Evaluation

In order for users to be able to rate a store, they must have completed their registration and be verified by the ViAgro verification system. The verification is done for each user separately and is achieved by sending a message to the email that he has registered with on ViAgro. The confirmation process is done only once together with the first evaluation of each individual user and is valid for all subsequent evaluations.

The ratings that will be registered in ViAgro, negative or positive, should be related to the transaction of the user who registers and publishes them, as well as they should be accompanied by the identification number of the transaction document or the order so that it can be identified with the corresponding store. Ratings that do not include the reason for the rating or include in-store ratings or describe the ordering/purchasing experience without explanation will be deleted from ViAgro at the same time or formulated differently by their original authors at a request of ViAgro to them.

ViAgro and its administrators have the right, always in accordance with our Privacy Policy, to request additional information from the user in order to be able to publish the evaluation, for example photocopy of the document, order email, etc. If the user does not make them available within the timeframe set, from the date they are requested, the rating will be considered invalid and will then be deleted from ViAgro.

Negative ratings (with a score equal to or less than 3/5) will be shared with the store for which they were written. The managers of the respective store have the right to respond within ten (10) days, giving the facts from their own perspective, so that other ViAgro users are aware of both parties’ opinions. The use of names in ratings by users as well as stores is not allowed. It is also not allowed to mention names/surnames and/or employees of the stores, as well as swearing, infamous characterizations and untruths. In such cases ViAgro and its administrators have the right to delete the corresponding ratings and/or responses, completely or partially, informing the author of any changes deemed necessary.

All reviews and responses from users and stores must follow the informal rules of good Internet behavior. Evaluations and/or answers written using Greek or bold fonts (uppercase and lowercase fonts when used online indicate a very loud voice) or using the English keyboard (katastasi) in Greek will be ignored by ViAgro administrators and will be automatically deleted from the system (applies to Greece only).

Users should be as descriptive as possible about their experience when writing their reviews, giving all the details. In particular for negative evaluations, texts based on oral discussions can be challenged by those involved as there is no written evidence to prove their correctness, for example email exchange. At the same time, after the process of a negative evaluation is completed, it means: a) collection by the user, b) approval by ViAgro and sending it to the store for response, c) response of the store, d) publication of evaluation and response by the managers, e) evaluation of the store response by the author of the evaluation. Once the store’s response has been evaluated, no further action is possible.

The author of each evaluation alone has the right to delete an evaluation without any specific reason provided, if it does not violate the terms. In such a case, the author must inform ViAgro in writing (, through the email address he stated when creating his account on our website, that he wishes to have his rating deleted.

Evaluations that are positive and written by the owner or employee or external partner of a store to his store or negative evaluations by an owner or employee of a store to another store (not accompanied by evidence, such as the transaction document or order form, etc.) will be considered invalid and will be automatically deleted from ViAgro. Also, these actions do not comply with the condition of misleading the consumer and may even lead to the deletion of the store from ViAgro.

Product Reviews

Users who are registered on our website have the opportunity to evaluate the products displayed on our website.

User ratings for each product may be related to the user experience they had with a product they purchased as well as any comments or rating reviews for that product. In addition, its content must be personal and original creation of each user who makes the evaluation, without infringing the copyright or other rights of third parties. ViAgro reserves the right to withdraw and delete content that upon receipt belongs to third parties and has been published in any other electronic or print media. Each user is responsible for the authenticity of his texts.

The evaluation is prohibited to include: 1) the publication of a link that directly or indirectly directs users to an online store (even if this store is affiliated with ViAgro) 2) Post promotions or listings of any third party, except the legal relevant promotional activities organized by the company 3) reference to another user or to an evaluation made by another user for the same product.

The admins have the right to choose how the product reviews appear (in part or in full), or to delete them, keeping the author informed of any changes made when necessary, or even to contact them. to inform them that they need to change the text they made public by highlighting the points.


ViAgro reserves the right to modify the “Terms of Use and Conditions” at any time. Any modifications made will take effect immediately. It is your responsibility to be informed and to accept the updated terms and conditions. In addition, by continuing to use the ViAgro website, and by accepting the terms and conditions, you are deemed to agree to the modifications.

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